Sunday, November 13, 2005

No Time for Blogging

Last-to-last week I was on Deepawali vacation, and I could not put up any stuff on my blog. On coming back to Noida many friends started asking me about my blog. It seemed liked they were waiting for some posts during the vacation period also.

Just to remind these impatient friends of mine, I am posting here the reasons for not blogging for past few weeks. So here they are:
  • First and foremost, I don't have internet connection at home and I have to do all my blogging from my office. This means that either I have to find time out of my work or I have to come to office after work hours. I prefer to come to office on weekends to update my blogs, so that it doesn't disturb my normal work.
  • During vacations I am totally away from computers, so there is no question of blogging in that period.
  • Many a times there is lack of appropriate topic and I don't want to bore the readers by some arbitrary ramblings (although this is what most of the bloggers do). By the way, this post itself is a sort of rambling due to the lack of an appropriate topic. Moreover the topics I chose have to appeal to people other than myself and this is big hurdle in choosing the material.
  • Finally, sometimes the lack of response by the readers puts me off. I don't write my blogs just to improve my English, rather I want to express my ideas to people at large and in turn want their feedback.
I guess the reader will see that these reasons are genuine and will excuse me for a while.

For my friends who wish to know about my Deepawali vacation, all I can say at present is that it was the best vacation I ever had and I enjoyed every minute of it. Apart from the usual fireworks stuff there was something much more enjoyable this time. I cannot divulge the details right now, but could not keep my excitement secret so I am writing about it here. Anyway some of my friends would have guessed the reason.

I would not like to bore the general reader with personal stuff, so time to stop now. Bye bye.


Anonymous Captain Jack Sparrow said...

Will wait for your next blog.

About the reason for your excitement, the only reason I can guess is the reason I asked you about on the walk after Monday lunch!!!!

And I slightly disagree with your second reason that you write on topics which others will like.

9:59 AM  

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