Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Bug Tracking "OnTime"

Google ads are gr8. Yesterday, when I was showing my blog post to some of my friends I happened to click on one of the ads about a "Visual Studio Add-In". This took me to Axosoft, a company which makes the bug tracking software called "OnTime." Before this, I only knew about two such tools, one is FogBugz by Joel Spolsky, and another is Visual Intercept which our company uses.

The distinguishing feature of OnTime is that it integrates nicely with Visual Studio. Therefore the developer need not leave his IDE just to log bugs. Apart from the Visual Studio Add-In, they provide the web-interface which is the convention with such tools. For further convenience, a Windows Standalone application interface is also provided.

All three interfaces work exactly in the same way and have almost similar UI. Moreover, the UI is highly customizable and the developer can add new fields which are not provided by default. This is a really nice feature and one can customize defect details according to their own project environment. You can also add attachments with your defects (like a snapshot).

Grouping the defects based on some criteria is another great feature. That way it is much easy to keep track of the defects. And OnTime provides with hell lot of ways to group the defects. You can group them by their status, their assignee, their completion date and much more.

Doing all this without leaving your Visual Studio is such a great relief for the developer that it is worth spending your $$ on it. Much of developer time is wasted in switching from Visual Studio to the web browser and so most people have a special session at the end of the day just to log bugs in the web-interface. That way you might forget some detail about the bug. It is best to enter the defect as soon as you notice it right from your programming environment.

The best part is that the company is offering the tool free for single user development. So you can use it for developing personal projects. And for bloggers like me it offers two user licenses. Anyway I have not written the blog post just for those licenses (I have to stick to the tool used in my company). But I will definitely recommend OnTime to the concerned authorities in my company.


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Anonymous Captain Jack Sparrow said...

From your post I came to know about other softwares like VI, till date I only knew VI. But OnTime would be of no advantage to a very large section of the company as they don't use Visual Studio.

10:06 AM  

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