Monday, September 05, 2005


In my last post, I introduced the concept of Best Friend. In this entry I will add another term to your vocabulary.

DLL is actually a computer jargon (which stands for Dynamic Linked Library about which I will talk some other time), but I and my friends (mostly my wingmates from college) use it to convey a totally different meaning.

The term arose with its new meaning during my college days. I behaved somewhat differently compared to most guys there in many respects. So people thought of me as an eccentric guy. I would always get into argument with my wingmates over some eccentric behavior of mine. I would try to justify my stand based on some moral principle. Most of the time the argument would get heated and neither side would win. The arguments sometimes seemed futile enough.

But whenever it seemed like I will lose the debate, I would bring in a new principle of my own and start defending on its basis. My wingmates got frustrated. They told that I am a man of principles but my principles are not so rigid. They change when required, especially in the midst of a heated debate.

One of my wingmates, Phanish, had an idea and he gave a name to my eccentric and dynamic principles. The term, as you must have guessed, he chose was DLL. He told that I just loaded any damn idiosyncratic principle during an argument to justify myself. This is more like when a computer program loads and unloads a DLL as and when required. This new use of DLL terminology was accepted by all my wingmates and some college friends.

Since then DLL has another meaning namely, idiosyncratic/eccentric principles. I had a hell lot of DLLs to frustrate my friends in college. I did not have much to gain through those DLLs, they were mostly used to initiate some debate and I just wanted to know what other people think about a particular topic.

Hey, please don't think I am just a man of arbitrary principles which can be used and thrown at my whim. I do have some moral principles which guide me all the time (everybody uses some principles of this kind, whether they accept it or not), but those ones are not dynamic in nature (they are damn rigid man!). So they are not included in the list of my DLLs.

Wanna have an idea of the kind of DLLs I used to have during my time in college? Well here is the one which was most frustrating to people in my college:

We had 8 semesters in our B. Tech. course at IIT Kharagpur. There was a movie show on Friday every week which was shown in Netaji Auditorium. We used to get tickets for an entire semester for a mere 30-40 rupees. I used to take tickets only in the odd semesters (1, 3, 5, 7) and didn't watch movies in even semesters. When guys asked me about this, I told them that this is one of my DLLs and I am going to follow it for four years of my stay in college. Please don't start throwing rotten eggs, tomatoes (and what not!) at me for telling about this DLL. I did take tickets in 8th and final semester and unloaded the DLL.

Stay tuned for Pandy's new jargons in forthcoming posts.


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