Monday, September 05, 2005

My Best Friend

This entry is going to a bit personal, but I would try to make it interesting to a general reader as well. So you must be guessing that I would introduce you to my Best Friend and would bore you with some sentimental stuff. Well, I will definitely introduce you to Best Friend, and instead of boring you, I will introduce him in an illuminating way.

Our first meeting happened 3 years ago. I was employed in STMicroelectronics, Noida, India. I, with my roommates, was searching for a house on rent. We didn't know anybody in the town and were moving place to place and asking anyone who met us on the way about a house on rent. It was very frustrating especially in the heat of Delhi-Noida during summers. One fine day we met a guy on our way who told that he knows about 2-3 houses which we could have on rent. He showed us a house, but we didn't like that one. He then told us to see another house. In the meantime he was talking that he was in "Property" business and was saying how eager he was to help us.

One of my roommates guessed that he is a broker and asked him flatly about it. He told us that he was a broker. Now my roommate Gautam said, "We don't believe in Brokerage stuff. We will find house on our own. We don't need your help". The guy was a bit shocked at the way my roommate spoke. Well, that's when all three of us met our Best Friend, the broker. The term "Best Friend" was coined then and there by my roommate Sunil, which is used by us (our circle of friends) to tell about a person whom we hate like hell and wish to avoid as much as possible. You could think of it as a pun or as an euphemism.

I am sure as hell that you also must have met many Best Friends in your life. Please use this term to introduce them to your friends. Even if you don't like the term or don't wish to use it, please take note of it as it will be used in a lot of my blog entries. I will use capital letters to distinguish it from the normal "best friend" concept.

At last, I hope that this entry does not enrage any of my Best Friends.


Blogger Vijay said...

oh my best friend, pandy. welcome to blogging...

9:53 AM  
Anonymous Sunil Kumar said...

Nice, Nice one to start with.

11:22 AM  

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